Saturday, April 28, 2012

400th Post

I knew this post number was coming up and I've been thinking about what I should write about on this big number.  As it turns out, today is the day that Doug asked me "out" 18 years ago.  It's kind of silly but I've been waiting for this day because it means that I have known my husband for half my life!  What a journey this has been.  We've seen many weddings and {too} many funerals.  We are raising four wonderful children.  We've mourned the loss of three miscarriages.  We've laughed, we've cried.  We share our dreams and secrets with each other.

We've journeyed over the hills and through the valleys of life.  For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.  I am so thankful that I get to travel this journey of life with him.

He treats me like his queen and makes me feel like I am the most important person to him.  He is my friend and I am so thankful that I married him; the one I dream with, laugh with, love.

There is no one I'd rather go down these hills and valleys of life with and I am so blessed. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Waking Up Early

is so worth it at this time of year.  The sun was just coming up and it was getting bright out.  I didn't even have to turn any lights on in the kitchen.  I love springtime!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Appointment today... April 5, 2012

This past week, our temperatures were between 5 & 8 degrees.  The kids were out biking and I began to think about moving from my treadmill walking to walking outside.  Then there was word that a spring storm was blowing in and this is what I woke up to:
Oh my... what a mess!!  I was so thankful that Doug was able to drive Sarah and I to her appointment in the city.  We arrived with plenty of time to spare but I'd rather wait for a few extra minutes than worry about being late.  We saw a doctor who is called a PHYSIATRIST.  Yes, I spelled that correctly.  

A physiatrist is a specialist, who provides patient-centred care to individuals with any temporary or permanent loss of function. The ultimate goal of the integrated care offered is to restore or maximize functional ability and improve quality of life. There are a wide range of patients that a Physiatrist might care for. Any person with injury, illness or pain affecting the musculoskeletal, neurological or cardiorespiratory function could benefit from the expertise of a Physiatrist. 

So what did we learn today?
  • Sarah has the most mild form of Cerebral Palsy.  We knew that though from the research I've done and she doesn't display the most common symptoms such as spastic movements, seizures or the inability to walk.
  • Her Global Developmental Delay (GDD) is the biggest concern for her.  It is these delays that we will have to find specialized care and therapies for.  
  • Her head size is average for a one year old infant and her development is between 2 & 2.5 years.  When we think of her milestones, we almost have to think of it according to her corrected age.  
  • She has no reflexes.  Kind of odd but after checking me, I don't have reflexes either.  Go figure.  After a test that shot electrical shocks down our legs, it was determined that Sarah (and I) have good muscle tone and our nerves are ok.  Oh... after checking the other kids out, they don't have reflexes either. 
  • The doctor did not recommend the infamous P.A.S. clinic to us at this time.  He says they specialize in children with autism and he doesn't see any signs of that with Sarah.
Wendy came along to this appointment and once again, I was so thankful for her.  She remembers things that I have forgotten and is able to provide insight and ideas that I don't think of. 

So I don't think I had any questions answered necessarily but then again, I don't really know what my questions are.  The appointment was helpful in providing us with more information and just more to think about.


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