Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Update

We made the decision to apply for financial assistance from Family Support for Children with Disabilities.  In order to receive this funding, we needed to get a referral letter from our pediatrician stating Sarah's needs and his concerns. This is what it says:

Sarah has developmental delays and Microcephaly. She will always need special education. She has documented delays in speech, fine motor and gross motor and visual memory as well as auditory recognition skills. Her condition is chronic and organic. Any help you can give this family is appreciated and appropriate.

Dr. M.

I knew these were the concerns but I guess seeing them so black and white is harsh and hurts a bit.  Maybe inside, deep down, I had hoped that the letter wouldn't say anything like that and we wouldn't be able to apply...

Philippians 4:13 "I can do ALL things through Him who gives me strength." 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seven Random Facts

I received this idea from a young blogger this afternoon.  Simply to write 7 things about myself that my readers may or may not know.   So here you go...

1. I am passionate about my children.  How and where they learn is so important to me.  I love homeschooling them and teaching them about life.
2. I fell in love once and married that young man who captured my heart in grade 12.  I am still crazy in love with my husband who is also my best friend.  I look forward to growing old with him and raising our family together.
3. The past few months have taught me how to be my child's greatest advocate and do whatever I need to, ensuring her greatest successes.  I've also learned how to lean on my Father in my saddest times and thank Him for the joys.
4.  I hope to one day live on an acreage.  I can see our homeschooling journey grow and bloom in the quiet of the country.  I can see so much learning potential if we are out of the hustling, bustling city.
5.  One of my dearest friends lives in Alabama.  We don't talk often on the phone, but we do text and Facebook often.  I can't wait to see her in person again.
6.  I really don't like winter.  Being cold makes me miserable.
7.  I am a morning person.  I love my coffee and the hour before the house rises up.  Time to think, read and pray.  I also use that time to prepare myself for the day to come and whatever it has in store for me.

There you have it.  Feel free to join the blog train and leave a comment in the section below.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today I stumbled upon a blog that is written by a stay at home, homeschooling mom.  In it she talks about finding joy amidst the worries that life can throw at us.  Today, I am going to find joy and set aside my worries.

Joy in my children.
Joy in their schooling.
Joy in my home.
Joy in what I do.
Joy in how I do it.

Setting aside my worries about health, academics, my endless list of to-dos, the lack of time... today I will not worry about those things.  Worry takes away joy.

1 Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sarah Update

It's been a while since I blogged specifically about Sarah so I thought I'd give an update.

Wendy continues to come every few weeks to play with Sarah.  Her visits are both encouraging to me and at the same time, can bring me down a bit.  She brings wonderful materials for Sarah to touch and explore which is helping Sarah improve her visual memory & recognition.  Sarah's current favorite item is when Wendy brings a bag of dried beans to hide toys in.  My sweet girl quickly takes off her socks and wiggles her feet in the bag.  It is a wonderfully sensory activity and I know she enjoys it.

The last visit was one for me to vent a bit.  I received a call from the Glenrose Hospital and essentially felt like the door was closed in my face.  They told me they couldn't help me until or unless Sarah was in a "program" such as a preschool.  I hung up feeling defeated.  I can't and won't put my tiny 3 year old in a school type place.  I don't believe it will help and I'm not open to that idea.  I also asked Wendy to help me begin the process for FSCD funding.  Family Support for Children with Disabilities.  Funding that would help with childcare since I feel that the people I ask to babysit must be quite a bit older and somewhat experienced with her.  People who are ultra patient and understand that she is not of 3 year old abilities.  That, is hard for me.  I think when I complete the application and (if) we are approved, reality will hit once again.  I think the most encouraging words Wendy says to me are "It is really tough isn't it?"  Yes.  It is tough.  I appreciate the fact that she doesn't fluff around it telling me that it will be ok and so on.  She accepts my decision to keep Sarah home and I appreciate that too.  She is my advocate and on my side.  Admittedly, I also have times (usually after she leaves) that I wish I didn't need these visits.  

I try hard not to be too down or frustrated but like everyone else, I have bad days.  Days that I cry more, wish and pray that I didn't have to go through this.   

"I am pressed but not crushed,
persecuted, but not abandoned,
struck down, but not destroyed.
I am blessed beyond the curse,
for His promise will endure
and His joy is going to be my strength

Though the sorrow may last for the night,
His joy comes with the morning."


I'm doing my best to believe these words... really I am.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random comment

by Arianna today.  While driving around the city doing errands:

"My feet stink.  Does anyone wanna smell them?"

Mmm... no honey.  Put your shoes on and now we'll open the windows for a minute....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Bunny

For quite a while now, Andrea has been friends with a girl who lives on a farm.  I can't recall how many times I'd pick Andrea up from Tia's with a plea to buy a bunny.  I always gave a firm no.  The last time (about 2 weeks ago), I was asked once again.  After Doug and I talked about it alone and with Andrea, we agreed to let her get one.  It was her money that bought the bunny, bag of food and some wood chips.  Today was the day that Tia delivered the bunny.  There was great anticipation in our house by everyone as the newest member of our family arrived.  The hutch was set up, water bottle and food dish filled and Miss. Pixie was introduced to her new home.

Starting to build the hutch
The completed hutch 

A very happy 11 year old! 

About 2 pounds of supreme cuteness!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Has it been that long...

since Doug and I were in youth group at church?  I don't recall my first youth event but last night, I dropped off my "baby" at his.  It was an odd feeling of letting him go.  I didn't get out of the van to say good bye.  He didn't hug or kiss me either.  Some bittersweet feelings as I watched my firstborn head off with his friends, ready to face this next chapter in his life.

I remember many youth events... in fact, it was a Friday night (a football game to be specific) that I told a friend of mine that I wanted to date Doug.  Who knew that asking him to be my date for my grad night would eventually lead us down the aisle into our marriage of now 14 years!

Anyhow, it was just an odd-like sensation bringing Joshua to something that I so clearly remember about my own growing up years.  Maybe it made me just feel older.  More grown up.  How silly is that!  Am I ready for junior high... I hope these are great years for him.  Years of friends, growing and changing.

Wow.  Junior high....

Happy Birthday Andrea

Eleven years ago today, I went into the hospital ready to have our second baby.  I had no idea at the time how this sweet little bundle of pink would change our lives forever.  From a cute, round faced, pig-tail haired little girl to a tall, slim, mature young lady... the years have gone by so fast.  

You are an amazing girl and I can see God doing amazing things in your life.  You have a heart to tell people about Jesus and I know He has great plans for you.

You are wonderful with children... both your own younger sisters, and the kids you babysit.  You have a natural gift to play with them and I can see much of me in you when I was that age.  

You can sing.  I love listening to you praise God through your voice.

You are smart.  Teaching you is a joy and it's so exciting to have those "lightbulb" moments together as a concept becomes clear to you!  

You are creative.  I've seen you design Halloween costumes, dresses and other items.  You are crafty, artistic and talented.  I can't wait to see how you put all those to use as you grow up even more.

You are not a morning person.  Your birthday present this morning will tell that!  *smile*

Birthday 2004

Joshua is your closest friend and yet a greatest pest at the same time. 

Birthday 2005
Arianna models you.  She adores you and watches everything you do.  She wants to be just like you!

Birthday 2006
Sarah adores you.  You are her "go-to" person when I'm busy in the kitchen or when I need to run out for a bit.  You are her hero!
Birthday 2007 - First motorcycle ride!
Your dad and I love you.  We love watching you grow into a young woman and we are amazed at how far you've come in your life.  I pray that God protects you in these fragile years and that He continues to show me how to be the best mom to you.  

Birthday 2008
Birthday 2009

Birthday 2010

Today is your day Andrea.  I wish you the happiest of all birthdays and that this year is filled to overflowing with fun, happiness and blessings!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Moving On

We moved into this house in November 2009.  Around that time, a sweet 11 year old girl moved into a house across the street.  Andrea and Cassie clicked like I've never seen before.  Two girls who danced together, spent endless hours at one another's houses, one waited for the other to come home, shared clothes... you name it.  They were the greatest of girlfriends.  In June of 2010, Cassie's family decided to move back to their home in Ontario.  To my young 10 year old, that might as well have been across the world, not just across the country.  Andrea cried for a long time after that.  The girls have stayed in touch by phone (yes, we've paid more than enough in long distance charges) but it's not the same.

Last night, after a conversation on the phone with Cassie, Andrea fell into a funk.  She was gloomy and unhappy.  Around 10:00 she came to me crying about how much she misses her friend.  We had a long talk (why do these happen late at night?!) and I told Andrea that she needed to let go of the ultra-sad feelings she has about Cassie living so far away.  I reminded her of the friends she has close by and although they will never BE Cassie, they are still wonderful girls to have around.  I encouraged her to call other girls that she knows through our homeschooling lines and do what she can to play with them.  I reminded her that Cassie will always have a special place in her heart and no one can replace that special friendship they had.  I also had to encourage her that there ARE other kids who live much closer and can be super friends as well.

Thankfully, she went to bed happily thinking about her upcoming birthday and the plans she was creating to celebrate it.

Cassie & Andrea


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