Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good byes are tough

Especially when you are 10 years old and your best friend is moving to the other side of the country.  Cassie came over to day good bye to Andrea and at 9:00 Andrea had to walk Cassie back to her house.  She is hurting inside right now and I'm hoping and praying I do a good job of loving and comforting her through this transition.

Pure Sweetness

I woke up this morning to a little two year old snuggled up against me.  I must not have brought her back to her bed when she woke up at 1:15 in the morning.  There is a joy in my heart when I see her little face smooshed in the bed, her right hand grasping the soother that's tight in her mouth, and her little bottom high in the air.  Slowly she stretched, cat-like... fingers splayed, soother pops out, legs stretch as far as she can (wow she's getting tall!).  She turned over to her side, tried to open her eyes and gave me a smile that can win any one's heart.  Oh, I'm so blessed!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!

It seems like it would be a cliche to say "I can't believe you are two" but the truth is, the past two years have just flown by.  You are a delight to the whole family and you are loved so very much.  You started out as a teeny 6 pound, 17 inch tall, helpless newborn.

The next few months would put our faith to the test as you were diagnosed as failure to thrive.  What a horrible term  that no parent wants to hear.  You were not growing as quickly as hoped and after a battery of tests including urine samples, blood work and even a CAT scan, it was determined that you were just small.  I remember seeing the pediatrician and having her tell me that if you did not gain a certain amount of weight, that you would have to be admitted to the hospital.  So we started supplementing with a high calorie formula in addition to my nursing you.  At your next weigh in, you were *just* at the weight you needed to be in order to not stay at the hospital.  We had family and friends praying so hard for you!

To say you are small is an understatement.  You have simply followed your own growth curve, staying well below the growth charts.  I have done my best not to worry.  You sat when you were ready, walked when you felt like it and haven't let your size stop you from doing anything!

You love your family. 
You love your soother.
Sleeping between mom & dad is your favorite.
You are talking more and more each day and are starting to combine two or more words:
Na-na (banana)
Please (not peese, but pLease)
You love riding your bike.
You'd rather play than sleep.

At this point we skip about 6 months of pictures because my laptop crashed.  So we'll fast forward to this weekend!

Sarah, you are loved!  Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why is it called a SLEEP over

when there is actually very little sleep that occurs? Andrea is having a sleep over tonight with Megan and Cassie and at 11:00 pm, these three ladies seem far from sleep.  I'm hoping to lay down the law in about 30 minutes and hope they settle down... we will see I guess. :)


I had a plethora of thoughts running through my mind tonight which was preventing me from falling asleep.  So I made myself a cup of tea, switched loads of laundry over and am hoping that getting them out on the screen will allow me to settle down.

I am thinking of Andrea.  My beautiful 9.5 year old.  A girl who is becoming a young lady right before my eyes.  We found out today that her best friend who lives across the street is moving, not on July 15 as originally thought but on June 23... this week.  Her sweet heart is so sad and broken.  Cassie has been a delight to have around and I know she will be greatly missed.  The girls are having a camp out tonight, sleeping in a tent on Cassie's deck... I hope and pray they are having fun.

I am thinking of Sarah.  My baby of almost 2 years old.  How can my baby be two?  Time flies.

I am thinking of pictures.  Of the 8 months of pictures that are now in the unknown cyber world, never to be seen again.  My Dell laptop hard drive hit the bucket and with it took months of pictures.  Months of memories and events.  I am truly grieving the loss.  Last night I cried and cried over all the photos I have taken that are no longer mine.  Christmas 2009, Joshua & Arianna's birthdays, my birthday, the pictures of Cassie and Andrea (which were to be scrapbooked as a gift), Sarah growing and changing, my niece and Sarah together, grandparents.... the list goes on.

I also lost thousands of digital scrapbook papers and elements that I have downloaded for two years.  Years of time consuming work and effort... gone.  Oh how it makes me sad. 

Doug encouraged me to remember that I haven't lost the people.  That those I have photographed are still here.  I understand that but it doesn't take away the hurt of what is gone.  A friend of ours was able to salvage about 30% of my files before the computer went down for good.  I don't know what was able to be recovered.... I'll find that out when my laptop comes back.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Hospitals & Children...

can be an interesting mix.  Although I must say that when we went to visit the kids' Grandma this morning, they were on their best (mostly) behavior.  We ate our Timbits and drank our coffee.  We rode up and down the glass elevator and walked my mother in law back to her room.  As much as she loved seeing them, I think they tired her out.  I was happy to hear the doctor tell her that it looks like she will be coming home tomorrow.  Visiting her at her house will be so much more pleasant and relaxing in her living room rather than the hospital room.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Payback is Sweet

My In laws have got to be the most giving people I know.  They have helped so many people in their lives, and expect nothing in return.  They are amazing.  Recently, my mom in law was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia.  I was finally able to pay them back in just a small way.  It feels good to be able to return some of the kindness that they have shown me over the years.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Production Weekend

Joshua and Andrea have been dancing for a few years now and every June, they put on a year end production.  Now this isn't your ordinary run of the mill dance recital but rather a full out production.  In years past, they have done mostly Disney movie re-enactments but this year is going to be a blast from the past.  It's called Retro and we are going to be hearing music from each era from as far back as the 1920's!  I am SO excited... I love music and can't wait to see what this large group of dancers can do.  I will be taking pictures of the kids today and will post them later.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good morning SUN

It seems like the snow and rain have been here long enough.  Yesterday afternoon, the sun finally made it's appearance again.  Nice to see you again Mr. Sun.


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