Monday, June 22, 2015


Seven years ago today, the tiniest baby I have ever held was placed in my arms. At six pounds, one ounce and only 17 inches tall, you were by far our smallest baby. On that night, I had no idea of what the next few years would bring. It took us till you were almost three years old to realize maybe something was a little unique about you. Through a myriad of testing and appointments, the final diagnoses were: severe microcephaly (small, underdeveloped brain), cerebral palsy, sensory processing disorder and severe global developmental delays. These last few years have been such an educational experience for our family and I am beginning to be less upset when I think of what you've gone through. We have watched you learn so many new and wonderful words and each new phrase brings us so much happiness. We have learned to take great delight in even the smallest achievements- perhaps things that would have gone unnoticed with the other kids. You are pretty easy going and simple things please and delight you.
Some of your favorites at 7 years old are:

  • bubbles
  • helium balloons
  • your siblings
  • Kraft dinner
  • Kayla
  • iced tea
  • playmobil
  • Grandma
  • playgrounds
  • going to church and the people there
  • Lucy, Rosie & Ben
  • the many stuffies you have
  • hug-uppies
  • Curious George
  • goldfish crackers
  • cheerios
  • play doh
  • anything outside
  • my coffee

 You were so amazingly cute, I could hardly handle it!

 Three years!



 Six years!

My most favorite, treasured picture ever!

Today we are enjoying Sarah's seventh birthday! Actually, we started celebrating last Thursday when we had a family party but it's been a fun weekend for her. She loved being sung to at church and each gift was received with a huge "Thank you!"

 The biggest helium balloon I could find!

So excited and thankful for the cupcakes. Which she didn't eat.  

So unbelievably happy to be opening presents. Playdoh, a slinky, Fruit Loops, books and Smarties.

Her joy makes my day!

On Sunday, our little church sang to her and she clapped with delight at the end. We also make a short stop at Grandma's house since Grandma was recovering from her small heart attack earlier this month. On Monday her two cousins came for some birthday treats and a visit and then in the afternoon, her friend also came over for a little while. She was able to see all her favorite people in a short amount of time. It was so much fun to celebrate her! 

Oh little daughter of ours, how we love you! Hearing you say "best birf-day ever Mum" made my heart so happy. 

Happy seventh birthday Sarah!

Monday, June 8, 2015

I Made a Choice

I'll be the first to admit that not every day is easy with Sarah. She puts on a good face when she's around others and usually friends get to see her best side. Saturday morning was one of those times where the severity of her special needs came through, loud and clear. Literally as she cried most of the way from Edmonton to home- about 25 minutes. It was exhausting listening to her desperate pleas of begging to have me cuddle her. No matter how many times we told her she needed to be in her carseat where it was safest, she wouldn't be convinced. By the time we arrived back at home, she clung to me as her hicupping sobs slowly subsided. I too was deflated and my own tears flowed as my emotions seeped out of me.

{She hasn't ever enjoyed her car seat- in fact, she cried all the way home from the hospital as a teeny newborn. Although she doesn't always cry, most times she fights it. Getting in is fine and she usually is happy to be going somewhere. The "fighting" (as we've dubbed it) means she pushes on her thighs with her hands and her legs lift up against her hands. It's a small, but fluid motion and requires many reminders to ask her to stop. There are times when she's so resistant, she almost doesn't even hear us. If one of the kids is paying attention, they can set their hand on her leg and she's perfectly fine. Not very comfortable for them, but it calms her. At the end of September, we are making a long trip to see my brother get married. Needless to say, after only 25 minutes of crying, I wondered how the six of us will survive a trip to the coast.}

Later that day, as she and I spent the afternoon in the backyard together, I sat on my chair reflecting on her and who she is. I knew I had to redirect my thinking from frustration to doing something that I know Sarah loves. And that was to take her for a walk to a park. She loves going to playgrounds, especially when there's no one else there. Again, I think it has to do with her sensory issues and if she only has to worry about herself and not what the other kids may do, she's much more relaxed.

 At the top of her "mountain" and she was the queen!

On Sunday, I suggested that we head downtown and check out the Legislative grounds. It was a lovely day and when we arrived, it wasn't even that busy. Sarah loved wading in the pools. Once she realized that her dress could get wet, she had a wonderful time splashing and playing in the water. After the rough beginning to our weekend, I'm so thankful I was able to make it a special time for Sarah and the rest of the family. 


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