Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Morning

Well, after a long night taking care of an 8 year old who was sick, and then dreaming of Sarah being kidnapped, we decided that we'd spend the morning at home.  We found a sermon series on You Tube which will be our church service.  It's cold outside today and so staying in, cuddled under blankets and being together just sounds like a good idea. 

Happy Sunday everyone!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

In no particular order...

- fleece, sleeper clad toddlers
- hugs from a teenager nearly taller than me
- freedom to homeschool
- a preteen daughter who helps in the kitchen
- an eight year old who confides in me
- unconditional love from my husband
- supportive and loving friends
- long phone calls with my sister
- encouraging in-laws
- coffee with white mocha creamer
- cool covers on my bed at the end if the day

I'm feeling exceptionally blessed this evening... Goodnight!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Mind of a 13 Year Old

Today Joshua had to tidy the yard before the snow flies. I left him to do as I asked while I ran out for a coffee. I began to receive some texts saying he needed help fast. So I called him at home, to find out he attempted to clean the yard with my vacuum. Yes, my friends, the vacuum. Complete with beater bar. He told me that the vacuum was making a funny noise. No kidding. So he shut it off until I came home.
I made a few calls to my father in law and brother in law in search of a "snake" to unclog my vacuum tunnel. Doug then suggested that I first empty the canister to see if the blockage was there. And I'm so glad I did. Joshua and I cleaned about 40 pounds from the canister and found a big bunch of leaves and grass in the filter! We cleaned it out and thankfully my vacuum is back in business!
Next time, I hope Joshua just starts up the lawn mower and does it the way I asked in the first place! I love how boys think!

It's Getting Colder...

There's a certain chill in the air that makes me think that winter is slowly coming upon us.  Sarah asked me this morning at about 7:00 "where sun go?"  Unfortunately,  the sun no longer rises before us... in fact, today is overcast with a feeling of possible snow.  Andrea is off babysitting for the day (benefit of being homeschooled) while Joshua and Arianna have been outside since 8:30 this morning.  Sarah isn't even out of her fuzzy sleeper but if I could chose, I'd stay in my pajamas all day too!

Have a good day!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Five Thoughts

  1. I am continuing to be amazed at how much Sarah is talking these days.
  2. The other day Joshua answered me when I called and I was really caught off guard at how his little boy voice isn't so "little" any more.
  3. The weather is getting cooler very quickly.  I'm really not ready for winter.
  4. I'm looking forward to a family supper this weekend with my sister, brother, their spouses and the kids.
  5. I'm so very thankful for all the wonderful people in my life.  My husband, our children, my sister, my in laws, all my family, friends... the list goes on.
One of the places we stopped when we took a day-trip to Canmore.

Dental Work

I don't know what it is with me and my teeth but it seems like I have never ending issues with them.  For as long as I can remember, going to the dentist has been a dreaded time and I think I know why.  Not once have I ever gone, only to come home with a clean bill of health.  I would always have to go back for fillings.  Every.  Single.  Time.  That gets kind of old and discouraging.  I have good oral hygiene,  I mean I even carry dental floss in my purse!  I don't drink any carbonated beverages, I have a cup of coffee (or two) a day and I take good care of them.  It just doesn't seem to matter what I do, I will always have problems with teeth. 
I had been putting off going again until Doug received his benefits.  Yesterday when I was eating lunch and cracked one of my back molars, I couldn't stall any longer.  Thankfully they were able to get me in right away and it'll get fixed.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daybook {10.10.12}

FOR TODAY: October 10, 2012

Outside my window... the snow has stopped falling for now.  I'm hoping it isn't here to stay but I know that it won't be long.

I am thinking... that I would love another cup of coffee this afternoon.

I am thankful... for more than I can say.  My sister, my husband, his job, our children, my in-laws, our home, my life.  I am blessed beyond words.

In the kitchen... cluttered.  It gets that way sometimes.  Lots of stuff on the counter that needs to be put away.

I am wearing... long yoga pants and a baggy teal colored shirt.

I am see what else I can sell or purge as I reduce the amount of *stuff* in our house.

I am wondering... if I can somehow use my outdoor clothes line inside somehow...

I am hoping... to get the house tidied up this afternoon.  It seems like a never ending project today.

I am looking forward to... Doug coming home after two nights away.

I am learning...that I need to dig deeper into my spiritual self.  Doing some soul searching...

Around the house... tidy but lived in.

I am pondering... what to make for supper tonight.  I'm thinking pancakes would be a nice treat.

A favorite quote for today..."the sun'll come out, tomorrow!"

A few of my favorite things... coffee, my feather duvet, a hot bath, fuzzy-sleeper clad toddlers, sleeping kids.

A few plans for the rest of the week...just school and hopefully a coffee date or two

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

I never really had considered myself to be a writer. While that is true in the sense that I will never write a fictional novel, I do find that sitting in front of a screen with a keyboard at my finger tips allows me to express myself in a coherent manner. I can erase what I don't mean (or like), rewrite, edit or change what I want to say. Often when I'm on the phone, I get all mixed up with my thoughts and have a hard time thinking straight. When I'm put on the spot, I can't answer questions and if I do, I usually forget to say all that I wanted to.

This post is going to say what I feel about a topic that I know some people will disagree with me on. And I have to believe that it's ok. I can't please everyone and in the end, I am responsible for my actions and choices. I hope that this will give you a greater understanding about what I believe in.

I homeschool mine and Doug's children. This was a decision that we reached as a couple and then as a family. It's what we do. I also have not ever sent my kids to preschool. I just liked having them around all the time. This was probably what led us to homeschool. Even when Joshua and Andrea each had their one year in kindergarten, I missed them for the entire day and couldn't wait for them to come home again. I guess I'm just like that. I'm a homebody and I like to have my people near me. The past 18 months have been quite a learning experience for all of us as we've been given a diagnosis for Sarah which has been Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly and Global Developmental Delays. The belief of many people has been that Sarah would do much better in a school/preschool setting. Is that because I don't have a degree in special needs, and perhaps I can't provide the best care and learning environment for my child? I guess that's where we will disagree (and that's ok). I do think that Sarah will learn best at home. She isn't labelled here and is surrounded by her family who loves her unconditionally. Together we will help her learn to count, print and one day even read. She will always be behind her peers and I don't want her placed in a classroom (mainstream or otherwise) where she'll just be *another kid*. I want to see her learn and I want to be the one to celebrate each little victory, even if it's as simple as counting to five.

On the other side of the fence, I can see the benefits and promise of preschool and school for those who chose it. I know of a few kids personally that are thriving in a preschool and kindergarten classroom and love every minute of it. They are outgoing, energetic and clearly enjoy going. And that's GREAT! Whether you chose to send your kids to school or keep them at home for their education, we are all in it for the best interest of our children. God gave us the honour of raising these young people and we have the privilege of choosing how to educate them.

A piece I read from another mom's perspective says:
(I had forgotten to snag where I got the quote from.  These aren't my words.)

"What about the children who don’t catch up? Some are home educating children who are truly never going to achieve a high level of literacy or ability. There are those who know from early childhood that there are barriers that won’t be overcome. If a child has Down’s Syndrome or other intellectual handicaps, or has fetal alcohol syndrome, or deals with the consequences of severe early deprivations, then there may be limits that will not go away. How much better for that child to be at home, surrounded by love and acceptance and gentle ongoing help and encouragement to learn what he can.
I truly feel that the first lesson a child learns in institutional special needs programs is that he has been judged as flawed and that that flaw is the most important thing about him. When that child remains at home to be educated, in the security of his family, he can be himself, a person with strengths and weaknesses valued for his unique worth."

Those words ring so true in my heart tonight as the love I have for my "special" daughter nearly brought me to tears as I tucked her in to bed. She belongs close to me, her daddy and her siblings in this crucial time of learning for her.


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