Thursday, January 28, 2010

She's Not Growing Up That Fast (really)

As a parent, so often we hear how quickly our little ones are growing up.  True, the years seem to fly by but have I heard it so much that I'm perhaps forcing her to grow up faster than she wants to.  She dances with grace and poise.  She moves smoothly and gently.  When she dresses up for church, I feel like she could pass for 12 or even 14 years old.  Yet today, I left my teary 9 year old girl at school so she could practice her solo for her spring concert.  I held her in my arms and I felt like she was five years old again.  So young, small, and needing me.  She wanted to come home so badly and I needed to encourage her to finish out the day.  Did I make the right decision to make her stay?  How long will I feel bad for leaving her?  I am now watching the clock... waiting for 4:00 to roll around so she can be with me again.  Secretly, I'm even hoping Sarah will wake up early and we can get the kids from school and I can have an extra hour with them.

You are beautiful Andrea.  You are elegant.  You are growing up.  You are still so young.  I love you.


** Well I have all my ducklings in my pond now.  She was no worse for wear and was delighted to be home.  I can now enjoy the next four days with my kids!**

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It Was Her Day

For a couple weeks, Arianna has been after me to invite her friend Lara over.  Finally, her mom and I managed to organize ourselves and we were set to go... until Lara woke up sick that morning.  Arianna's body just sagged with disappointment as I broke the news to her.  Lara's mom and I were quick to reschedule the play date and today was it.  The girls played for two hours straight until Lara's mom was ready to go.  I then offered that Lara stay for the afternoon and we'd bring her home later in the day.  Supper time was approaching and Lara joined us for that too.  Finally, 7:00 was nearing in and Doug drove Lara home with Arianna in tow.  It was such a big day for her.  So often, we have older kids around, do the driving for Joshua and Andrea and have their friends over for dinners.  Arianna was in her glory as it was HER friend who was our guest of honor tonight and SHE got to have the trip with Daddy to take her guest home. 

And her busy day wore her out.  She was sound asleep just minutes after being tucked in.  So sweet to see her growing up little by little.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Pea in her Pod

Ever since our move about 10 weeks ago, Sarah has been having a tough time sleeping well at night.  By not sleeping well, I mean up at least two to four times per night.  I really don't mind getting up once (or twice) to feed and snuggle her but it was getting exhausting.  So Doug suggested we set up her tent and see what happens.  She went down at her regular time and woke up at 10:00 like she always does.  I mentally prepared myself for a long night as per the norm and drifted off to sleep.  I woke up at 3:30 (Sarah's usual time) to silence.  Being tired enough, I quickly dozed off again.  I got up that morning with the kids, got them off to school, and started the day.  Sarah slept until 8:30 in that silly tent!

The next night, I did the same, she woke up once at 10:30 and slept on until 7:30!  This is the pattern she has been following since Thursday!  My two reasons for her sleeping are 1) she can't stand up in it and 2) she can't lose her soothers.

Funny how babies have these little quirks about them.  But like Doug said to me "whatever works and gets everyone the most sleep."

                    The "Pea Pod"

This is what the tent looks like set up.  There must be something about it that makes Sarah feel secure and for now, I'm sticking with it!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cloth Diapering

isn't new to me.  I had a diaper service for Joshua and did my own with Andrea.  Arianna didn't have them.  I saw a great deal on Kijiji for some cloth diapers and I thought I'd give it a try again.  I figure in about 2-3 months, I'll have saved what I would have spent on disposables plus less waste in the landfill.



She is such a skinny bean!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

* my family
* coffee
* the freedom to home educate my kids
* my Kitchen Aid mix master
* my new house that is becoming a home more and more each day
* my collection of Norwex (cleaning without chemicals is great)
* we are a two vehicle family so I'm never trapped at home
* comfy pants
* A God who loves me unconditionally

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Next to "Mom"...

I think I love being called Aunty Stephanie the most.  I watched my 3.5 year old nephew for the past couple days and it was the first time he's called me by name.  It's just one of those sweet names that I love to hear!

An Appetizer

Joshua had asked me on Monday night if he could prepare his cereal for the next morning.  I said he could but that we were going to have waffles for breakfast.  His response: "That's ok.  It will just be my appetizer."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My First Quilt

If you follow my other blog, you may have already seen my first ever quilt that I made.  It was surprisingly easy, although I only did very simple blocks.  No angles or anything too fancy like that.  It had been a long time since I had done any sewing and getting back at it was like being reunited with an old friend.

My sewing maching which I LOVE!

The finished product

Friday, January 15, 2010

Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic torch came through Spruce Grove this morning.  Last night I was thinking about going and when I got up I debated getting everyone out of the house at 7:00.  Then I realized I would really regret it if we didn't.  So in a matter of 15 minutes, we had all the kids in snowsuits, coffee for Doug and I, and we were out the door.  We walked a couple blocks to City Hall and managed to get a spot on the curb right close to the ceremony.  The excitement, patriotism and city spirit was phenomenal and I am so glad we were a part of it.  I am pleased that I made the effort to support our country


(Picture taken from City of Spruce Grove Website )

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My In Laws

I think and believe I am the luckiest person in the world when it comes to my in-laws.  First off, they raised my husband to be the loving husband and father he is to me and our children but putting Doug aside...

They love me and my family so much, it's amazing.  It isn't about the material things in life that show love but the other things like Dad borrowing a bobcat from work, clearing his driveway and making a HUGE snow pile for his "grandbabies" to sled down.


It's Mom who drives to my house once a month at 8:00 in the morning to watch the little girls so I can be a parent helper at school (even when it was -35*).  And when she comes, Arianna is guaranteed a good morning because grandma always has something in her blue bag for her to do.  At Christmas time, it was mini trees to decorate.  This last time was new paints and paper.  It was with Grandma that Sarah learned how to take lids off markers.  Mom often goes the extra step.  I request childcare for a few hours and come home to vacuumed floors, folded laundry, lunch waiting and tea or coffee made and ready to share.  The generosity and love this woman showers on me is incredibly wonderful.

When we visit Grandma and Grandpa, which is usually once a week (give or take), the kids generally know what they are going to do, whether it is sledding, exploring in the "back 40", checking out the shops, looking at the old cars or hanging out in the house. I don't know if I've ever heard the kids tell me they are bored when we are there.  Two years ago Dad and Joshua began a project that Dad was waiting to do for years.  Build a honest to goodness tree house.  Waiting for Joshua to be old and big enough to really help and have respect for the space on the other side of the fence were key.  Last year, work kept Dad quite busy and the building project was at a standstill.  I know though that the two of them are planning and prepping to hopefully finish the house this summer complete with shingled roofing!  Grand times with each other!



It is my mother in law who has brought me yellow roses on the anniversary of my mom's passing away.  She remembers the day which is so important to me.  She is usually one of the first to hear when I've accomplished something, need help, have something exciting (or not) to share about the kids, or cry and complain to about whatever.  I call her when I need a recipe idea, sewing tips, relationship advice or if I'm just bored and need someone to chat with. 

Mom and Dad are wonderful people.  They are loving and generous.  They are truly two of the (many) special people in my life and I love them.


Friday, January 8, 2010

A Day in the Life

of me...

I actually like to get up before the kids and indulge in a hot cup of coffee before the day gets running.  By 7:00, the kids start straggling out of bed and I know that I won't have any "me" time for at least 14 hours.  Breakfast can sometimes be an hour long process as two kids like to eat as soon as they get up while another likes to wait a while.  When the eating is done, I clean the kitchen while waiting for the older two to get dressed and ready for school at home.  Meanwhile, the baby has woken up and I need to stop everything and nurse her before her day can begin.  Then she wants to eat breakfast.  So we get the food out again... in the meantime, my students have taken the opportunity to slip away while I was busy.  *sigh*  Call them back.  Arianna needs the most one on one as she is only in kindergarten so I get the older two started on their books and sit with my five year old.  This lasts all of three minutes before Sarah realizes I'm not paying any attention to her and is clawing at my legs calling "mom. mom. mom. mom." Hoping the three will stay focused, I take Sarah to play with her toys.  Until they have a question about their school.  Deep breath.  It's only 10:00.

I then remember that the laundry baskets are overflowing, the stairs need to be vacuumed most desperately, I have a sewing project that I want to complete, beds that need to be made, groceries to buy, meals to plan... I could go on and on.

Before I know it, 4:00 has rolled around and I guiltily realize that I haven't thought of supper.  I rummage through the deep freeze trying to find something that I can defrost quickly and heat up to feed my family.

Once the meal is done, there are dishes to wash, kids to bath, lunches to make.  Check. Check. Check.

Hopefully by 9:00, the last of the kids are in bed.  Sleeping?  Not likely.  One last walk through of the house ensuring the locks are tight, the dogs are settled, and I finally retreat to my bedroom.  At that point I debate running a bath or just crawling into bed and reading myself to sleep. 

Some of my last thoughts are:
- what time will Sarah wake up tonight?
- did I lock the garage?
- what will I do tomorrow?

Eventually sleep overcomes me and I drift off until someone needs me... 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project 365

So this January I decided to work on Project 365.  It is making a record of one picture per day.  I have created a new blog specifically for it so that I can keep this one for journalling and the new one for pics.  I hope my readers here will be readers on the other one as well.  Click here to follow me.

-Picture copied and borrowed from- HERE

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sick Baby

Having a sick little one is no fun.  Unless of course, that little one happens to fall asleep in your arms.  It's been months since Sarah slept on me and I simply melted in love as I listened to her heavy breathing close to my chest.  Sarah, I'm sorry you are sick but I loved our snuggle time.

She wouldn't eat all day until mid afternoon when I indulged her in a peanut butter cookie.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Days

The kids went out to play this afternoon and I managed to grab the camera and take a few shots of them playing.  I'm sure they are part monkey...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Things I Love Today

 1. My house.  My kids have friends over all the time and we love the space!
2. Sarah is wearing a new fuzzy fleece sleeper.  So sweet and soft.
3. Kijiji.  I just sold my jolly jumper, dining room table and chairs.
4. My husband who loves me unconditionally.
5. My children who love me so much.
6. My family.  I don't know how I'd manage without my sister or in laws.
7. Blogging.  I'm no writer by any means but it's fun.
8. My country with amazing health care services and benefits.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Mom

Arianna made me tea in bed this morning.  What a wonderful way to wake up.  She has such a big and sweet heart, I just can't help but love her to bits.


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