Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It Was Her Day

For a couple weeks, Arianna has been after me to invite her friend Lara over.  Finally, her mom and I managed to organize ourselves and we were set to go... until Lara woke up sick that morning.  Arianna's body just sagged with disappointment as I broke the news to her.  Lara's mom and I were quick to reschedule the play date and today was it.  The girls played for two hours straight until Lara's mom was ready to go.  I then offered that Lara stay for the afternoon and we'd bring her home later in the day.  Supper time was approaching and Lara joined us for that too.  Finally, 7:00 was nearing in and Doug drove Lara home with Arianna in tow.  It was such a big day for her.  So often, we have older kids around, do the driving for Joshua and Andrea and have their friends over for dinners.  Arianna was in her glory as it was HER friend who was our guest of honor tonight and SHE got to have the trip with Daddy to take her guest home. 

And her busy day wore her out.  She was sound asleep just minutes after being tucked in.  So sweet to see her growing up little by little.

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