Friday, January 8, 2010

A Day in the Life

of me...

I actually like to get up before the kids and indulge in a hot cup of coffee before the day gets running.  By 7:00, the kids start straggling out of bed and I know that I won't have any "me" time for at least 14 hours.  Breakfast can sometimes be an hour long process as two kids like to eat as soon as they get up while another likes to wait a while.  When the eating is done, I clean the kitchen while waiting for the older two to get dressed and ready for school at home.  Meanwhile, the baby has woken up and I need to stop everything and nurse her before her day can begin.  Then she wants to eat breakfast.  So we get the food out again... in the meantime, my students have taken the opportunity to slip away while I was busy.  *sigh*  Call them back.  Arianna needs the most one on one as she is only in kindergarten so I get the older two started on their books and sit with my five year old.  This lasts all of three minutes before Sarah realizes I'm not paying any attention to her and is clawing at my legs calling "mom. mom. mom. mom." Hoping the three will stay focused, I take Sarah to play with her toys.  Until they have a question about their school.  Deep breath.  It's only 10:00.

I then remember that the laundry baskets are overflowing, the stairs need to be vacuumed most desperately, I have a sewing project that I want to complete, beds that need to be made, groceries to buy, meals to plan... I could go on and on.

Before I know it, 4:00 has rolled around and I guiltily realize that I haven't thought of supper.  I rummage through the deep freeze trying to find something that I can defrost quickly and heat up to feed my family.

Once the meal is done, there are dishes to wash, kids to bath, lunches to make.  Check. Check. Check.

Hopefully by 9:00, the last of the kids are in bed.  Sleeping?  Not likely.  One last walk through of the house ensuring the locks are tight, the dogs are settled, and I finally retreat to my bedroom.  At that point I debate running a bath or just crawling into bed and reading myself to sleep. 

Some of my last thoughts are:
- what time will Sarah wake up tonight?
- did I lock the garage?
- what will I do tomorrow?

Eventually sleep overcomes me and I drift off until someone needs me... 

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