Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Mind of a 13 Year Old

Today Joshua had to tidy the yard before the snow flies. I left him to do as I asked while I ran out for a coffee. I began to receive some texts saying he needed help fast. So I called him at home, to find out he attempted to clean the yard with my vacuum. Yes, my friends, the vacuum. Complete with beater bar. He told me that the vacuum was making a funny noise. No kidding. So he shut it off until I came home.
I made a few calls to my father in law and brother in law in search of a "snake" to unclog my vacuum tunnel. Doug then suggested that I first empty the canister to see if the blockage was there. And I'm so glad I did. Joshua and I cleaned about 40 pounds from the canister and found a big bunch of leaves and grass in the filter! We cleaned it out and thankfully my vacuum is back in business!
Next time, I hope Joshua just starts up the lawn mower and does it the way I asked in the first place! I love how boys think!

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