Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!

It seems like it would be a cliche to say "I can't believe you are two" but the truth is, the past two years have just flown by.  You are a delight to the whole family and you are loved so very much.  You started out as a teeny 6 pound, 17 inch tall, helpless newborn.

The next few months would put our faith to the test as you were diagnosed as failure to thrive.  What a horrible term  that no parent wants to hear.  You were not growing as quickly as hoped and after a battery of tests including urine samples, blood work and even a CAT scan, it was determined that you were just small.  I remember seeing the pediatrician and having her tell me that if you did not gain a certain amount of weight, that you would have to be admitted to the hospital.  So we started supplementing with a high calorie formula in addition to my nursing you.  At your next weigh in, you were *just* at the weight you needed to be in order to not stay at the hospital.  We had family and friends praying so hard for you!

To say you are small is an understatement.  You have simply followed your own growth curve, staying well below the growth charts.  I have done my best not to worry.  You sat when you were ready, walked when you felt like it and haven't let your size stop you from doing anything!

You love your family. 
You love your soother.
Sleeping between mom & dad is your favorite.
You are talking more and more each day and are starting to combine two or more words:
Na-na (banana)
Please (not peese, but pLease)
You love riding your bike.
You'd rather play than sleep.

At this point we skip about 6 months of pictures because my laptop crashed.  So we'll fast forward to this weekend!

Sarah, you are loved!  Happy 2nd Birthday!!

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  1. What a beautiful birthday tribute to a beautiful girl! Happy 2nd Birthday, Sarah:) May you have a fabulous day!!!



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