Friday, September 2, 2011

Moving On

We moved into this house in November 2009.  Around that time, a sweet 11 year old girl moved into a house across the street.  Andrea and Cassie clicked like I've never seen before.  Two girls who danced together, spent endless hours at one another's houses, one waited for the other to come home, shared clothes... you name it.  They were the greatest of girlfriends.  In June of 2010, Cassie's family decided to move back to their home in Ontario.  To my young 10 year old, that might as well have been across the world, not just across the country.  Andrea cried for a long time after that.  The girls have stayed in touch by phone (yes, we've paid more than enough in long distance charges) but it's not the same.

Last night, after a conversation on the phone with Cassie, Andrea fell into a funk.  She was gloomy and unhappy.  Around 10:00 she came to me crying about how much she misses her friend.  We had a long talk (why do these happen late at night?!) and I told Andrea that she needed to let go of the ultra-sad feelings she has about Cassie living so far away.  I reminded her of the friends she has close by and although they will never BE Cassie, they are still wonderful girls to have around.  I encouraged her to call other girls that she knows through our homeschooling lines and do what she can to play with them.  I reminded her that Cassie will always have a special place in her heart and no one can replace that special friendship they had.  I also had to encourage her that there ARE other kids who live much closer and can be super friends as well.

Thankfully, she went to bed happily thinking about her upcoming birthday and the plans she was creating to celebrate it.

Cassie & Andrea

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