Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Bunny

For quite a while now, Andrea has been friends with a girl who lives on a farm.  I can't recall how many times I'd pick Andrea up from Tia's with a plea to buy a bunny.  I always gave a firm no.  The last time (about 2 weeks ago), I was asked once again.  After Doug and I talked about it alone and with Andrea, we agreed to let her get one.  It was her money that bought the bunny, bag of food and some wood chips.  Today was the day that Tia delivered the bunny.  There was great anticipation in our house by everyone as the newest member of our family arrived.  The hutch was set up, water bottle and food dish filled and Miss. Pixie was introduced to her new home.

Starting to build the hutch
The completed hutch 

A very happy 11 year old! 

About 2 pounds of supreme cuteness!!


  1. She is glowing with happiness! I have an (almost)8 year old who will probably burst with jealousy when she hears about this. ;) Keep us updated on Miss Prissy. <3



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