Monday, August 27, 2007


In July, we took a family trip to Birmingham, Alabama.
Stephanie has known Lelia from an on line message board
for almost 2 years. They’ve gotten to know each other
through emails, pictures, and of course the board.
Talk about going to visit was usually just
a hope and dream and finally Doug and Stephanie
made it a reality.

Lelia (pronounced Lil-ya) and her husband Scott
as well as their 3.5 year old daughter Emma opened their
home to us and we temporarily moved out of the confines of the motor home.
Stephanie and Lelia instantly connected and it was
as if they’d been friends for longer than the actual two.

We took the opportunity to introduce our American friends to
Molsen’s Canadian beer, potato cannons, and radio controlled trucks.
In turn, we saw the sights of Birmingham,
ate at Dreamland Barbeque,
and experienced southern hospitality at it’s best.

Friendships and memories were created that will last a lifetime and we are hoping to one day return the favor
when they come to Canada!

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