Monday, August 3, 2009

Vacation 2009

It's been a while since I blogged as we were on a one week family vacation. It was great to get away from the rush of day to day life, leave technology behind and live together (mostly in harmony) in the confines of a 30 foot long motorhome. Our first intended destination fell through as the bugs were so bad that the kids couldn't even be outside so we headed for Long Lake, Alberta. It was lovely there. Lots of trees, large campsites, a great beach and lake, and minimal bugs. We spent our first two nights there. On the third day, we headed to Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park. Again we were greeted by spacious sites, trees everywhere, a virtually private beach, and hot weather. We set up camp for the rest of the time there and relaxed! Some tidbits about the week are:

* The first morning out, Arianna fell off her bike and did quite a number on her leg, elbow, shoulder, face, and hand. Even her helmet was scuffed up. Thankfully she was ok but she did not get back on her bike until we got home.
* One night, my sister and I managed to get all six kids to sleep in the motorhome at the same time.
* Arianna is a very good swimmer and showed her skills in the lakes.
* My nephew Ben says the cutest things. My favorites are "fun-gunk" for kerplunk, "Aunty Fancy-Car" for Aunty Stephanie, and "mo-ho" for motorhome.
* Andrea went for a walk and was missing for a while. I will never forget the fear of not knowing where she was nor the peace and relief I felt when she was found.
* Camping with a crawling one year old is an adventure. Especially when she wants to crawl on the gravel and eat rocks.
* The kids got along great. Our family time was a blessing and we came home closer than before.
* Camping with my sister, brother in law, nephew and niece was SO much fun! I can't wait for next year!

It was a great time away. I can't post all the pictures here so I will direct you to my Facebook so you can view them there.

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