Friday, July 23, 2010


Sarah is now two. 
Two means lots of "no" from both of us.
Two is defiant in a way that helps her express her feelings.
Two is exciting as she learns so many new things.
She's conquered the stairs, up and down.  Pleased as can be about it too.
Two is scared of loud noises like lawn mowers, machines, thunder or dogs barking.
Two requires discipline.  Redirecting, a scolding or a tap on the hand.  
Some parts of being two are tougher than others. 
Two is full of hugs and kisses on demand.
Two is loving and sweet.
Two wants independence and yet is still so dependent.
I love two.  Learning and absorbing things like a sponge.
Trying new challenges and conquering their world.


  1. so true, she'll love reading this when she is older. I can't believe she is 2 though : )



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