Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Musings

I've been slacking on the blog end of things lately and it was actually my husband who brought it to my attention.  I just haven't felt like anything has been worth writing about.  So in point form, I will simply update about what's going on here:

- Sarah is infatuated with shoes.  A pink pair of Mary Janes to be exact.
- Advil was my friend today.
- I like the tins that tea comes in.  But I don't like loose tea leaves.  Thankfully, Doug does and he happily uses up the leaves and brings home the empty tins.  *love him*
- I love my kids' school, their teachers and the fact that they only go twice a week.
- I love my homeschooling group of friends.
- I love breakfast for supper... or anytime for that matter.
- I wish I knew more about my camera.
- Andrea and Sarah are becoming great friends.
- Arianna is doing so well in school. *smile* 
- After buying another pair of shoes (on clearance) for Sarah, I think I know where she gets her love of shoes from...
- I have only spent one day at home alone with Sarah since school started.
- I would like to scrapbook more.
- Doug and I have been doing biweekly breakfast dates.  It is such a refreshing time to catch up on each other.

Her own sense of style!
The tins
The pink shoes
The new purple shoes
Such a good big brother
Not sure about this one...
Sarah now "smiles" on command
Painting with Sarah

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