Friday, October 14, 2011

One of those weeks...

The weekend was spent as a family, with family... celebrating Thanksgiving together.  On Monday, we didn't have much planned other than Doug figured he'd build one of the two gates for our new fence.  Then, he put his back out.  Cleaning out the shower.  Nice.  Now, for the most part, he seldom does anything part way and in fact, this back issue has put him out of commission ALL WEEK. 

The pediatrician appointment for Sarah that we had booked three months ago.  I ended up having to drive myself (and Sarah) to the office alone.  Now I'm not really afraid of driving in the city but I do find the infamous "Whyte Ave" to be a little intimidating.  Thankfully I had a reliable GPS and good directions from Doug.  As planned, Sarah's EI counselor met us there.  She was going to be the one to push the doctor to get us in at the Glenrose.  I forgot and she didn't know that the pediatrician is allergic to perfumes and other scents.  That meant that she had to leave the room.  So for a while, I felt very alone.  I did muster the courage to ask him what we should do about the Glenrose and his suggestion was to wait until the completion of the rest of the tests.

When I got home, I drove Doug the chiropractor, Andrea to her music lesson, made supper and went to the bank so Joshua could open an account.  I went to bed exhausted... I'm sure I was sleeping by 9:15.

I stayed home all morning to be with the kids.  They'd taken the entire long weekend off of schooling so we had a little catching up to do.  I (again) drove Doug to another chiropractor appointment, drove Andrea to the auditions at church, threw a pizza in the oven and ended another day.

I headed into the city to meet my sister and aunt for a coffee date.  I had a nice visit with them and it was good to connect.  Sarah also loves the facility of Cafe O' Play and I know it's good for her motor skills.  I made it home for lunch, a third chiropractor appointment, a facilitator home visit, lasgana in the oven, dealt with a little dog's seizure and eventually all four kids to bed.

I woke up to realize I would (in addition to everything else), bring the garbages to the curb.  Doug has another appointment this morning that I will drive him to, then to the city to sell some Kijiji items, make meals and try to squeeze in some school work.

*sigh*  I'm just plain weary this week.  Driving, serving, helping... I feel like my job description has multiplied greatly and I'm doing my best to fill in the role of mom, teacher, wife, nurse, taxi, chef... I'll be glad to have this week over.


  1. Sounds like you need to just relax this weekend and not worry about things that need doing!

  2. I hope Doug feels better quickly! You have been busy waiting on your family, I hope you can take some time for yourself this weekend. ((HUGS))



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