Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Review

Well, to say this was an eventful year would be an understatement.  Here's a look at what our year looked like.

  • The year started off fresh and new.  No expectations.  A clean slate.  It was interesting to see what this year held for us.  

  • We took the older three kids out of their part time school program to full time homeschool.  Quite a big adjustment but one that we all were happy with. 
  • I celebrated my 35th birthday.
  • Kept on with some light schooling as we were in a phase of unschooling and deprogramming.  Lots of trips to the science center, walks and park days.

  • Doug and I began to question the level of Sarah's speech and had it assessed.  This was the first step in a long road of further tests.
  • Arianna and Joshua celebrated their 7th and 11th birthdays respectively.  A fun time partying with family and friends.
  • Following the speech assessment, we had Sarah's development checked out.  
  • Doug started a new job at Merge Systems.
  • My mom's brother celebrated his 6th year after a heart transplant.  God is good.
  • Sarah turned three years old!
  • Results from the developmental assessment showed a fairly large range of delays in all her areas of growth.  Registering in Early Intervention for Sarah.
  • This month was spent at parks, with friends and enjoying the (very few) warm days outside.
  • Met our new pediatrician.  He specializes in children with special needs and delays.
  • Sarah received her first official diagnosis of having Microcephaly.
  • We also began the lengthy process of  referrals to specialists for Sarah
  • Spent a day making jam with Doug's mom.  I think we came out at 48 jars of raspberry jam!
  • Doug and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary together. 
  • Sarah saw an opthamologist for her eyes.  Although they are deep set, her vision is fine.
  • We celebrated Doug's birthday with our annual lobster boil with Alicia, Paul (their kids) and Nathan and Melanie over.  It was a great time!
  • I began homeschooling grades 2, 6 & 7.  A grand adventure lays ahead of us!
  • Joshua started youth group (Shock!)
  • Andrea celebrated a much anticipated 11th birthday and received her precious bunny as a gift! 
  • Sarah continued to receive home visits from Wendy every couple weeks.  We are learning more each time and I'm always wanting to find ways to help Sarah at home.
  • Doug put his back out on Thanksgiving Monday.  So bad that he needed crutches and daily visits to the chiropractor for a week.  (He still sees the chiro on a now weekly basis)
  • Joshua, Andrea and I began helping at Daybreak at church.  Sarah attends the toddler program and Arianna does school with a friend those mornings.
  • Sarah had a playgroup assessment.  Nothing new showed up.  Still a lot of pressure to put her in a preschool.  I continue to put my foot down, insisting that (for now) she is better off at home.
  • She also had an MRI, Genetics testing and a pediatric follow up.
  • We received the blow that Sarah has Cerebral Palsy.  Lots to process.  
  • The genetics doctor suggests some type of chromosomal abnormality that can possibly be determined by blood work. There is a chance though (30%) that nothing will show up and we won't be any further ahead.
  • I think I homeschooled 5 out of the possible 20 this month.  Kind of a write off.  Thank goodness for traditional homeschooling.
  • Our dog needed surgery to remove a stone in her bladder.  To date, she seems to be doing better.
  • No appointments this month other than one home visit.  
  • Doug officially resigned his position of Chairman of the board at church.  He remains on the board as an elder. 
  • His back is still in recovery mode.  Seems like it's two steps forward, one step back.  Almost like a little reminder for him to take it easy still.
  • We did a little bit of school but nothing much.  There's always next year.
  • Arianna received two major tooth fillings, one being a root canal.  She was so brave!!
  • We celebrated Christmas with many family and friends.  It was a time to remember our Saviour's birth and think about what really matters.
Well, that's about it for this year.  We're currently *staycationing* at Doug's parent's place for the New Year's weekend and enjoying the peace and quiet.  Lots of family time and hanging out together.


  1. Happy new year!

    I have nominated you for a blog award...

    You'll find it here:

  2.'ve had a busy year! I'm very impressed that you've been able to keep with homeschooling older kids -- I guess you grow as they grow. I just started home schooling my oldest daughter, she started 1st grade this year. I've been concerned that I'm not giving her all that she needs to learn and grow. Its probably just 1st year jitters :).

    My oldest daughter was born extremely premature so I understand and can relate to all the testing, blood work, diagnosis', therapies and doctor visits. My heart just went out to you and your little one...thinking about having blood work done. If you have to do it again, check to find out if you have a clinic in your area that specializes in children with small veins or experiences trauma -- there are programs such as therapy animals that are available to help calm children. Take care and thank you for visiting my blog :)



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