Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Day!!

When I was growing up, Christmas was a really BIG deal.  Music was always playing and the house always felt festive.  Two albums (LP records actually) that are most engrained in my memory are Boney M and a musical called Glory of Christmas.  They were probably two of my mom's favorites and somehow ended up being mine as well.  For YEARS now, I have looked for an updated way to listen to the Glory of Christmas.  No luck.  Not on iTunes or anywhere else unless I wanted to pay outrageous dollars for an original LP.  I, in fact wanted something a little more up to date than a record.  After MUCH internet searching, I managed to locate and contact the couple who wrote and published the original musical.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I was elated!!  After a couple email exchanges with Mr. Owens, I sent him some money via Paypal and just today I received a burned copy of the musical in CD form.  Today, on February 28, I am listening to Christmas music!  What wonderful and happy memories are filling me today!

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