Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday's Tidbits

It's been a while since I last blogged so I thought I'd give a quick recap of what's been going on here!

  • Last Sunday night, we held a grade nine grad party for Joshua (and me) as we successfully completed our nine years of homeschooling together. We invited his grandparents as well as the youth group (and their families) from Calahoo. It was a great evening with lots of laughter, a blessing on Joshua by our pastor and prayers by his grandpas and friends. What a huge blessing that was on us.
  • Joshua is into his second week of summer school. He's taking CALM and gym... I think it's a good transition into the upcoming high school year. He's learning to get up on time and taking responsibility for what needs to be done.
  • Andrea has been working as a dayhome provider's assistant. She's putting in between 10 and 15 hours a week which is keeping her a little busy but still allowing her to spend a lot of time at home.
  • Arianna is just enjoying summer like a 10 year old should. She takes long walks with me, almost every day and loves being outside. 
  • Sarah is doing well. She loves playing with "P'ayobil" (Playmobil) and it's been fun to watch her imagination spark with her hours of play. She enjoys being outside but the conditions have to be right in order for her to not be overwhelmed. She doesn't like the wind and too much noise drives her inside. 
  • Doug is doing good. He is busy with work and supporting his friendships. He has a desire to build these male relationships and I love seeing his heart at work. The depression days come and go and I again realized that even just the wrong presentation of how I speak can be hard on him. Every day presents itself new and until he's in it, we can't really predict how it will go. It means continually trusting God in this part of his life and leaving it in His hands.
  • Me? I'm doing quite well. I have been digging deep into the Word and am feeling God's presence near me. He has become so real to me and the past seven months have been life changing. I've made peace with a few things that have been lingering on my heart and the peace that I'm experiencing now is amazing. God is working in my life as well as the lives of those around me and it's exciting to see His power! 
  • I love summer. I put up with long cold winters and I genuinely enjoy the hot summer days. I like walking, being outside and enjoying the sun! The forecasted 30* at the end of this week bring a smile to my face and I am looking forward to it.
Happy Tuesday everyone! Enjoy your day!

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