Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pediatrician Appointment {03.19.15}

Sarah recently had another doctor appointment. This was just a routine follow up where her growth is plotted, ensuring she's still growing. Although she was a little anxious while we were getting there, the appointment went amazingly well. She stood where she was supposed to in order to be measured, was so chatty that the doctor was very impressed and not a single tear was shed. What a difference this was compared to a year ago!

The good news is that she is growing in height and weight. She is 43 inches tall and 37 pounds. She is now on the percentile charts! Her head remains the same at 46 centimetres which has been this size since December 2013. On a growth chart, she is now almost -4 units below standard deviation.

An average sized head would be closer to 50-52 centimetres and although a 4-6 cm difference doesn't seem like much, it is a pretty big gap when we're talking about head sizes. Unfortunately, there is really nothing I can do to make her brain grow.

After we finished at the doctor's office, we headed to my sister's where Sarah and Rosie played and watched a movie together. It was a nice way to end the morning.

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