Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Legs

So I have a few on-line friends whose little ones are sporting these new "Baby Legs" and after seeing my 11 week old niece receive a pair at her baby shower, I decided to get Sarah a pair. After all, now that she's crawling and the weather is not always warm, they would suit her nicely. Of course, I had a terrible time choosing just ONE pair, so we came home with... three pairs. At least she WILL wear them for quite a while as they are very big on her short little legs. And now, to show them off to you...


  1. CUTE. Wes has some scull and crossbone ones. :) Very good for under pants on a cold day.-j

  2. i love them for making diaper changes easy! Very sweet :)

  3. too cute!

    alexis' baby legs are tight against her legs.. LOL..i have a chubby baby



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