Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sign of Hope

At the end of June in 2007, I had another miscarriage (that made 3 losses). Shortly after I was recovering, my sweet friend Shawna came by with an apple tree which was from a small group of girl friends. The thought behind the tree was that there is "hope" and that each spring and summer, this tree would bud and one year [hopefully] will provide me with fruit. Last year, I wasn't even sure this little thing would make it, but it survived yet another harsh Alberta winter and has even blessed me with a few sweet pink buds. I know our summer season isn't very long so I don't know if it will even bear fruit this year but I was again reminded of the "hope" I have. That hope also came in the form of a precious baby girl named Sarah who was born exactly one year after the miscarriage.
May we all have hope.


  1. Beautiful picture. It deserves a frame. I love the idea of a fruit tree to remember hope. -j

  2. Hope is such a delicate thing isn't it?
    Such a sweet reminder -

  3. Awe! Beautiful post Stephanie!! And where ever there is a little flower, there will be an apple:) I love you



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