Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I had bought Joshua a pair of jeans for Christmas.  I saw that the ones he was wearing had holes in them so I gave him the new pair early so he could wear them on Christmas Eve.  Fast forward three days and I notice that that the knees have holes in them.  THREE DAYS!!  I understand that they were on clearance but they WERE from the Gap and I really expected them to last at least a few weeks.  Looking through Joshua's clothing drawers, I saw that all of his jeans had holes in the knees!  I mentioned this to him and asked what he is doing that would cause such harm to his clothing.  "Oh that's easy", he responds.  And then proceeds to show me the run and slide on his knees move that would certainly be the culprit.  Denim is no match for concrete I suppose!

Anyhow, Joshua had plans to go to a friend's house this afternoon and I didn't feel right about the 'holey' pants so we headed to Edmonton and bought [more] jeans for him.  I really hope these ones last a little longer than three days.

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  1. Oh, wow! Thankfully, the boys only slide on our hard word floors (therefore no holes). I have a nephew that is the same Joshua is, though. All of his jeans have holes in them and he manages to get them quickly. I LOVE how Joshua said how "easy" it is.



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