Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My sister and I decided to mass produce burritos.  We figured we'd have enough meat and fixings for 48 burritos each... a total of 96!  We used three large packages of ground beef from Costco, 6 large peppers, 3 cups of brown rice and unmeasured amounts of seasonings and spices.
Just a few of the peppers

The head chef, my sister and best friend

The first batch of filling

The first few burritos wrapped up

This project took up most of the day.  My older kids helped with the little ones and at one point or another one of the babies was sleeping.  What a great day of talking, laughing and now we have four dozen burritos in our freezers!


  1. What an awesome idea...they look yummy:) When I read your posts on your sister, it makes me wish I had a sister (growing up and now). She is beautiful just like you:)

  2. Those look absolutely yummy!



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