Sunday, April 11, 2010

Poor Baby

Just can't seem to catch a healthy break.  As of Friday, Sarah had been fighting a cold and runny nose for two weeks.  I kept her home from church, I stayed home from Easter dinners, we layed really low.  We finally made it to church on Saturday night and Sarah was great.  She was playing well, chatting lots and appeared to be feeling well.  I put her to bed and everything seemed good, even up to her midnight waking.  It was at that time I noticed something was up because she didn't settle once I picked her up.  But I took her to bed, snuggled her close to me and we fell asleep.  She slept great until 8:00 which is actually late for her.  By 9:00, she was miserable so I put her back to bed and she slept for an additional two hours!  When she woke up, I noticed she was quite warm so I took her temperature... 103.4*.  Poor poor baby!  She was shakey, crying and just unhappy.  I gave her a dose of Motrin which brought it down to 100.5* in an hour.  Better but she wasn't feeling great yet.  I gave her some Tylenol just before her nap and she slept for 3 hours!  Her afternoon was spent watching a movie and snuggling on my lap.  Supper was a lost cause and bathtime was uneventful.  She was done by 6:30 and sleeping soundly shortly after.  Hopefully her night is full of rest and she wakes up feeling better tomorrow.

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  1. Dear poor Sarah,I hope she if much better very quickly and you are both able to get lots of rest.
    Hugs and blessings
    Jules x



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