Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I find myself frequently comparing my children to each other or to other children.  Because Joshua and Andrea are only 16 months apart, I must keep myself in check and not expect as much of Andrea as I do of Joshua.  Especially when it comes to their schooling.  Joshua is naturally smart and things come easy to him where with Andrea, it takes a bit more effort. 

One other area I am very guilty of comparing is with Sarah.  She's little.  I mean REALLY little.  At her 21 month doctor's visit, she just touched 18 pounds on the scale.  I notice how well other kids her age speak and although she does talk, it doesn't match up to the other kids around her.  Also, her hair.  Or should I say the lack of it.  Just a few wisps on the top and back but nothing to speak of.  *sigh*  I know that she is perfect and that she will come out on her own but it is tough at times. 

God, help me remember that she is truly Yours and that she has no faults in Your eyes.  Help me feel and think the same way... all the time. 


  1. Sarah is just perfect...which is why I am so excited that her and Ryder will marry one day:) LOL!!! I remember worrying about Garrett in terms of development after having Parker (who was advanced on so many levels). In his due time everything came!

  2. oh, i totally *get* this post...
    i find myself sometimes wishing i could see the future so i could better prepare them today.



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