Friday, May 7, 2010

Eleven Years Ago...

This little boy joined our little family of two.  Entering this world at 8 pounds, 2 ounces, he has changed our lives forever.  

A ray of sunshine and smiles at 8 months old.
A year old already!

Growing up so fast...

And now...
Like any other parent, I've asked myself, "where have all those years gone?"  It still seems like such a short time ago that I held his soft pudgy body close to me and breathed in his *baby* smell.  He was a good baby.  His mild mannerisms still are a big part of who he is today and I know that trait will hold him in good standing as he continues to grow up.  
Joshua loves to be outside, wear shorts, eat pizza and ice cream, ride his bike (even to the mail box only three houses down), hang out with his sisters and friends, and eat breakfast.  He doesn't sleep in and finds little use for school work.  I keep hoping that will change someday.  He loves to read The Hardy Boys, watch Little House on the Prairie, and be with his family.  
I look forward to what this year has in store for him and can't wait to see God work in his life!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Joshua! I have not seen that many photos of him when he was younger; however, I could pick him out. He has always been so darn handsome!



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