Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Musings

*Borrowed this idea from Kelly*
  • Three weeks from today my three oldest will be in school.
  •  I think we've had more rain and thunderstorms this year than in a long time.
  • Sarah is talking up a storm and is so much fun these days.
  • Arianna is sporting a 6 year old attitude that frequently needs adjusting.
  • Andrea is a wonderful sister who loves caring for Sarah.
  • Joshua is growing and changing before my eyes.
  • Doug and I went on our first evening date, leaving all four kids home alone (Joshua and Andrea were our babysitters).
  • Thinking of all the back to school shopping I need to do.
  • Looking forward to three being in VBS next week to do the previously stated shopping.
  • Missing my sister who is camping this week.
  • Desperately missing my nice camera lens which is at the Nikon "doctor".

1 comment:

  1. Love the new header and what a great post. I love these "lists" just to take time and jot down the day to day stuff (that sometimes I don't want to forget).



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