Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I like it when

  • all of my *babies* are home for the night
  • Sarah says to me "I need you"
  • Doug is home on time for supper and has no plans to go out
  • the house is quiet and peacefull
  • the coffee is ready for me in the morning
  • I clean the kitchen the night before
  • the snow starts to melt and signs of spring are coming
  • the only lights on are those that are sparkling from my Christmas tree
  • my kids sleepily greet me in the morning all soft and warm
  • I know what I'm having for supper early in the day
  • I have time to myself in my huge bathtub
  • people remember my birthday
  • my kids are home from school
  • we take family trips together
  • friends pop in for coffee
  • I get together with my sister
  • my two year old sleeps in my arms
  • the house is clean
  • I hear my kids playing together happily
  • I have a visit with my mother in law
  • the furnace kicks in and I'm reminded of how blessed I am
  • I get into my van which is in the garage
  • I hear the older kids teaching the younger ones
  • Arianna reads to me
  • Andrea tells me how much she appreciates talking to me
  • Joshua confides in me
  • we have an entire day of no TV
  • I remember to trust God and lean to Him
  • He shows me I should have trusted in the first place


  1. Love your thankful list. You sound like a blessed woman. :)

  2. my gagey says 'i need you' too - so sweet...



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