Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Recap

We are slowing returning to our regular scheduled program.  This Christmas was less stressed than previous ones as we chose to spend Christmas Eve at home,  On Christmas morning, the kids eagerly opened their gifts and once that was done, we enjoyed our traditional cinnamon bun breakfast.  The same one that we've been eating since I was a little girl.  While I was cleaning up, the kids hurried off to enjoy their new treasures.  After Sarah had a much needed nap, we headed out to Doug's parent's place for a turkey dinner.  Although I'm not a real fan of large groups (you can read about that HERE), I managed to enjoy the afternoon nicely.  We made sure we were home on time to watch one of the new movies received and spend the last part of the day together as a family.  On Boxing Day, we headed back to Doug's parent's to exchange gifts with them in a more quiet setting.  Their guests were mostly gone and it was nice to be able to talk to them one on one and really visit.  Again, we headed home in time for Sarah to have a good nap in order to be good for our evening.  A long standing tradition is that my siblings and I get together on the 26th for a quieter get together and exchange presents.  Because there are 7 of us adults, we draw names and that way each couple only needs to buy two gifts.  It's easier on the pay cheque that way.  Our meal consisted of delicious appetizers and yummy baking treats.  My kids (including Sarah), didn't settle down until we left at 11:00.  It was a very quiet ride home though! 

This might very well be the first time that I didn't get to the end of the festivities with thoughts of how to simplify for the following year.  As the kids get older, they are becoming much more well behaved which truly helped in the enjoyment of the holidays.  I wasn't behind the camera much.  I wanted to be there to help take the dolls or Barbies out of their packaging, to inspect the newest Lego set or get excited at the money in hand as my children's faces glowed in the excitement. 

I hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas and we pray for a happy and wonderful New Year for all of you!  God bless.

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