Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

It is January 1, 2011 and numerically it can look like this: 1-1-11... a day in history that will not occur again.  Kind of neat.  This weekend was spent at the *Fidelak Lodge*, also known as Doug's parent's place.  Every few years, they like to go to Fairmont together and this year, they needed someone to watch the house and dog.  We were asked and happily agreed.  It was kind of like a vacation but not too far and so much like home already.  We had the fire in the fire place lit ALL day... so gloriously warm!  I never had cold feet!  The time away from home was great.  I'm actually a little sad to think we have to go home tomorrow and that in just one day, routine will settle in again.  School, voice lessons, and the regular day to day things. 

I wish all my family and friends a wonderful and blessed 2011.  I hope this year is full of all the things you've dreamt of and hoped for.  My hope is for greater faith in God and learning to trust Him more.  I know He is in control and I pray that I will be filled with His Spirit and love.  I want to make sure that God is first and centre of my life.  My husband and children come next.  They are of utmost importance to me.  Their well being, education and life is on top of my list.  I will make sure that they are provided for spiritually, emotionally and physically.  I know that God will help me parent them.  Doug is the love of my life.  My partner.  My friend.  I will ensure his needs are taken care of and that I am the wife he needs.  I pray that our relationship grows stronger this year and that great things happen for us. 

HAPPY 2011!  
May this year be a wonderful one!


  1. Happy New Year, friend! Blessings you and your family for a wonderful year:)



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