Sunday, January 2, 2011

My go-to person

I think everyone needs one of those.  Someone who knows *just about everything* there is to know about you.  Quite often, it's Doug.  My husband.  But... there are the times when I need to talk about him to someone.  For over 30 years, my go-to person has been my sister.  Our mom encouraged us to be friends white growing up.  And even though we had our sisterly squabbles, disagreements and arguments, we always came out on good terms with one another. 

I suppose we are quite different.  Growing up, Alicia was a huge fan of Barbies.  Driven by education goals and career minded.  Interesting how those growing up days led to her career path as an adult.  Long years of post secondary education to become a junior high teacher.  This would be one of the big differences between us... I couldn't wait to be done school, get married and begin a family.  As a little girl, I always wanted to play with dolls.  Being a mom was my greatest goal in life.  It's neat to see how our childhood play-things helped form who we are as women. 

Since Alicia had her first baby nearly 3.5 years ago, our similarities have multiplied.  Suddenly, we could share stories about sleepless nights, diaper rashes, potty training and different discipline ideas.  What a joy to be able to experience motherhood together.  I was so excited to know that my last baby and her second would only be months apart.  It is delightful to see Lucy and Sarah get bigger and grow up together!  Add a mischievous Ben to the mix and we have such entertaining visits! 

Our visits... oh there is so much I could say about them.  We talk about absolutely everything together.  Our kids, husbands, friends, church, life at home, our families... you name it.  We meet at parks weekly during the summer as we try to sip our coffees while at the same time, ensuring our toddler daughters are not falling off something!  We walk the mall, with coffee in one hand, pushing a stroller with the other.  We can be interrupted numerous times by kissing hurt knees, wiping a bum, stopping a fight or checking in on the quiet kids and yet, still manage to stay on topic and not miss a beat!

Alicia is my go-to person.  (Probably even moreso than Doug)  If something makes me laugh, cry or scream in frustration, she knows it.  She understands me and loves me no matter what.  There have been days where we've talked on the phone in the morning, met at my house for coffee and then talked two or three more times on the phone afterwards yet. 

I love her.  She's smart, beautiful and accomplished!  I am so thankful that God gave us each other.  There are days when I think I'd be lost without her.  I had read a quote a little while back and I love how well it pertains to us:

There can be no situation in life in which the conversation of my dear sister will not administer some comfort to me.  ~Mary Montagu

We've had our ups and downs and through all the storms we've weathered, we are still the best of friends.  I am so wonderfully blessed!


  1. I don't know what I would do without my go-to person. Unfortunately she lives on the other side of the country but thank God for cell phones and free mobile to mobile. I don't know what I would do without her.

  2. Aw - thanks! What a nice post - I love you too and don't know what I'd do without you. You are a great sister and a great friend to me :)
    Hugs to you...

  3. I can not believe how many posts you've done - you are such a good writer. Have you ever thought of penning a "mommy" book? The joys and pitfalls of motherhood and how God brings us through it?



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