Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Even though my kids go to school twice a week, I consider myself a homeschooling mom.  I mean 75% of their education is done at home.  I have a child who is not embracing the "away from home" part of the program.  I can tell because she tells me most mornings that she doesn't want to go.  Today I sent her despite the fact that she's been fighting a cough and such.  I received a call at 11:20 with a little voice on the other end saying her tummy hurt and asked me if I could come and get her.  I did.  She didn't appear very sick when we arrived at home.  She is coughing, yes.  She is stuffed up, yes.  Is she really sick?  I think not. 

This leaves me to wonder if I should follow my gut instinct and go back to full time homeschooling like I did a few years ago?  Or should I just keep her home for another few years.  I am not a very out going person and I hate when I have to defend my choices.  I know that I will receive questions and even disapproval from people.  I want to ensure that my children don't grow up with the same fear and intense dislike of school that I did.  Schooling can be fun and doesn't have to be done in a traditional classroom.  Kids can learn at home, in the kitchen, in the garage, on the computer, at the museum, at science centers... there is such a big world out there to learn in.  And maybe for my kids (or at least one of them), maybe the four walls of a traditional classroom isn't the place to be.

I just pray that I will do what I know and feel is right.

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