Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just who I am

Last night we attended the first of a few Christmas functions that we need to this season.  It was a gathering of 35+ people including one pre-teen helper and a new baby.  Being totally honest, I don't like large functions of many people.  I am not the type of person who can just start up a conversation with anyone so I often feel on the outskirts of the little groups.  I listen to scraps of chatter here and there and intercede my thoughts when a moment comes available.  Even as the day of a large function approaches, I wonder if anyone will talk to me, who will I sit by and will that person be someone I know well enough to make a conversation flow. My dear husband on the other hand is quite successful at moving around the crowd and visiting with anyone.  He even makes small with the cashier at the grocery store whereas I'm not so much a talker.

Now, if I'm in a living room with two or three friends and a pot of coffee, I am much more in my element and can relax in my comfort zone.  I can hear every one who is talking, I generally know the people quite well, and know that I will be *safe*.

Only a few more gatherings of this Christmas season to go to.  *Phew*

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