Saturday, November 13, 2010

Change of plans

It's a good thing we've determined our family is flexible.  For a couple years now, we've been going to church on Saturday nights.  It's nice because it leaves Sundays to just stay at home and relax as a family.  As we were eating our early supper (need to leave home at 5:45), Sarah had a major coughing fit and promptly threw up.  Not just a little bit but a huge amount of puke spewed forth from her.  Poor babe.  Shortly after, Andrea began to complain of a headache.  I'm sure it was from staying up until 11:00 last night and getting up early with her friend during their sleep over.  Then, while we were eating, Arianna was goofing off and banged her head on the table which brought out more tears.  Joshua had been at a friends' the night before and was up late as well.  So after all that commotion, we decided that staying home was in the best interest of our family.
We then signed up for Netflix and had a family night full of popcorn, chips, chocolate and warm milk to drink.
We can always go to church in the morning....

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