Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Musings

  • I love my family.  I am so blessed by each and every one of them.
  • Today is the 16th Valentine's Day that Doug and I have celebrated together.
  • I am still deeply in love with him and even moreso than when we first met.
  • I love that on a Monday afternoon, my children have the freedom to go outside and play at the nearby sledding hill.
  • I need a project... sewing, scrapbooking... something.
  • Sarah is talking more and more each day.
  • Arianna continues to charm me with her bright blue eyes and winning smile.
  • Andrea is growing up way too fast for my liking.
  • Joshua impresses me with his offers to help around the house.
  • I love making the same Valentine dessert for my family as my mom did for us.
  • I will attempt a heart shaped pizza for tonight's supper.
  • After just a few days of introducing "Blessing {chore} Packs", my house is amazingly tidier than it ever has been.

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