Saturday, February 12, 2011

What love looks like

I was at church tonight and sitting across the aisle from me was an older couple.  I can remember this wonderful woman teaching my kids Sunday School quite a few years ago and she was such a sweet spirited person. Sadly, dementia has taken over this lady's mind over the past few years.  Her husband faithfully brings her to church every week.  I noticed how he caressed her back and knew when to stop as she moved away from his touch.  He brought her to the front of the church for communion and I don't know if she took part but he still went through the motions with her.  I can see how much he loves her even though her mind isn't where it used to be.  He's so gentle and patient with her. 
I hope Doug loves me like that.  Unconditionally.  Tenderly.  Perfectly. Patiently.
It makes me think of another kind of love that I am unworthy of.  The love of my Father.
I am so blessed.

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