Thursday, November 3, 2011

Connections Playgroup Part II

I had a visit this morning from Wendy to discuss some of the findings of Tuesday's session.  One of the suggestions was to get a referral to the Glenrose in the Physical Medicine department.  The OT was concerned about how much Sarah drags her toes when she walks (her shoes are proof of this).  The Phys Med area would focus on her walk, her gait and her gross motor skills.  They would then work with us on physical and occupational therapy for Sarah.  They also would be able to suggest {again} that we have the assessment done and by this point, we will have already had a foot in the door, so to speak.

We are also going to investigate other programs in our area that might be willing to work with us at home.  Wendy warned me that the group is going to try to tell me that Sarah needs to be in a program and that I can just set my heels in deep and say no.  I think that makes me sad.  I'm sad that the professionals don't think that I am able to do this.  As Sarah's mom, I do not feel that a preschool/program/structured system is the right road for her.  {If you read this and disagree, please be nice and don't voice your opinion yet} I firmly believe that the best learning takes place in her home with me, her dad and her siblings.  Her grandparents, aunts and uncles are all very involved in her life and together, I am determined we can make it work.
Wendy brought over a handmade matching game for Sarah.

There were four pictures of Curious George on a piece of paper.
Then she brought out four cut outs of the same pictures.  
When the *game* was first brought out, Sarah just whispered in awe, "George, mom."  It was so sweet how her favorite monkey happened to find his way into Wendy's bag.

For now though, we simply wait.  Wait until more testing.  Wait until we hear from other services.  Wait until the full report from this assessment comes.  I'm getting good at waiting.  I just don't like it.


  1. I say dig your heels in. There is nothing magical about being in a program. I think it is much better for her to be at home and have you work with her, she's only 3 for goodness sake. If there are specific excercises etc. that they think she should have done with her then they can teach you to do them with her. Honestly there is no reason to take her out of her home envionment where she feels secure and can thrive.

  2. I think that you may meet our neighbour, Annette, at the Glenrose in the PT/OT area.



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