Friday, November 4, 2011

It Happened to Us

A miracle that is.  I think for the most part, we often think miracles happen to other people but never us.  I have an inspiring story to share.

For quite a few years, Doug has been fighting vertigo.  In his words, he described it as laying on a record player and being unable to get off.  The past 2-3 years for him have been much harder with needing medication to control it and missing up to five or six days of work a month.  If was a really bad spell, it would keep him in bed for a day or more.

On the weekend of October 1, Doug attended the annual Elder's meeting at Camp Nakamun. As was anticipated, Doug began to feel the onset of a dizzy spell come so he went to his room to take a pill.  As he said to me "we believe in the power of medicine and the power of miracles".  When he arrived back at the session, one of the elders noted that he wasn't feeling good. Doug simply shrugged it off and replied that he'd be fine in a bit.  Suddenly, Henry announced that they needed to pray for Doug.  Pastor David (who was speaking at the time) asked if he could at least finish his presentation.  Henry stated again that they needed to pray for Doug.  When asked if Henry felt the power of the Spirit on him, Henry said he didn't know but they needed to pray.  With that, Henry began to pray for Doug.  While this was happening, Doug's ears began to get hot and Henry started to feel a bit dizzy.  Quite often when a person prays for healing, they will feel or experience some of the symptoms that the person they are praying for feels.

Doug's ears felt hot for most of the afternoon and it wasn't until around 3:00 when he noticed that he wasn't dizzy and yet, the medication should have worn off.

It has been just over a month since this has occurred and even with other issues (a back injury), Doug has not experienced one bout of dizziness.  He has woken up in the middle of the night to pick up one of our girls from a sleep over, he can get right out of bed with out stumbling and he can go from a sitting position to standing with no feeling of head rush.

He has been healed of his vertigo.  We praise God for this miracle even in the times of frustration with a very painful back.  God is GOOD!

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