Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Best Day Ever"

The three words Sarah speaks most often in a day are "best day ever." Last week I wrote a more serious post about what was on my heart at the time. If you missed, click HERE and you can read it.

So what constitutes a best day ever for Sarah?

  • simply waking up and seeing me first thing in the morning
  • letting her know minutes before we arrive that we are going to someone's house (L & K are her favorites)
  • taking her out to get fries or a slurpee
  • allowing her to watch another episode of Little House on the Prairie
  • going to a friend's house and having the horses come and love her
  • giving her the last few mouthfuls of my morning coffee
  • taking her for a walk in her stroller
  • licking the icing off the beaters
  • meeting friends at a park to play or just taking her to a park
  • having a morning bath
  • eating chocolate chip cookies
And the list could go on. My point is that something so little can make her day the best one ever and it usually takes a very small amount of effort on my part. She lives in the moment and every day brings her joy which in turn brings joy to mine. I am so thankful for this small person who can make even the greyest of days into a happy and sunny one.

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