Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pediatrician Appointment {09.15.15}

The six month appointment time has rolled around once more. Although when I mentioned to Sarah that she was going to the doctor, she was a little stressed, by the time we arrived, she had relaxed and did wonderfully well. I was so proud of her!

Today's stats are:

  • weighs 40 pounds (4th percentile)
  • is 3 feet, 9 inches inches tall (7th percentile) 
  • head circumference is 46.6 centimetres (-3.5 standard deviation) 
The pediatrician did a few little baseline tests on her so we could get a bit of an idea where she's at developmentally. 

Her fine motor skills are about 25% of her age, so 2.5 years, her gross motor skills around 50%, about 3.5 years old and her verbal skills closer to 60% which is around 4 years old. Cognitively, he thought she was around 4 years old as well. He did say that her social skills were at a perfect 100% and he's very pleased with her progress. She even gave him a big hug on her own accord before we left and I think he was quite delighted by that. 

So, based on this information, I will hopefully be able to find some time in the next little while creating a personalized curriculum for Sarah where she will learn about the things that matter the most to her. We will work on relationship and problem solving skills that are pertinent to her. 

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