Friday, June 5, 2009

Computers... a mixed blessing

On Monday night, my laptop shut down... just. like. that. A slight feeling of panic entered my heart as I thought of the hundreds of pictures, videos, digital scrapbook pages and the many 'papers' and 'embellishments' I downloaded. Doug brought the laptop to some good friends of ours who did something called "imaging the hard drive" (like taking a picture) and then returned the laptop to us. We will send the computer off to Sony and hope that they can fix it. With any luck and much prayer, our techie friends will put all our information back onto the computer and I'll be back in business.

A few things have happened this week as I have been computer-less. When I went to bed on Monday night, I felt somewhat convicted by God that perhaps I have been spending too much time in the cyber world and not enough time with my Father. I have taken such delight in watching Sarah become more confident in crawling, had a wonderful day with my mother in law and two little girls, played video games with my kids, and I have noticed a change in all of us. I can't believe I let a machine consume so much of me.

I am still praying my laptop can be restored with all the information and programs but I know I will keep myself in check and be much more aware of the amount of time I spend online. I am also trying to take the time that I normally would have spent on the computer and spending it with the kids.

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