Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Throw Out The Schedule"

My friend Sheri wrote a blog post about attachment parenting and nursing on cue. I hope you'll take a moment to read it. And after reading her experience today, I felt like sharing my nursing experiences.

When my first was born, I was told to buy the books BabyWise by Gary Ezzo. It was a disaster and a complete failure. Joshua simply did not comply to the "alone time" and he was far from impressed with my forcing him to wait the four hours between feedings. It was killing me inside and my heart was breaking for my crying baby boy. After only a few days of misery for myself and my baby, Doug insisted that the books were to leave the house. They had become an inhibitant on my mothering and my dreams of what being a momma was about were shattering moment by moment. Once the books were out of the house I immediately did what my heart and body felt were natural and held my baby. LOTS. I also became one of those who was to whip up my shirt after just a few cries and nuzzle him against my chest to nurse. I slept when he slept and he slept in my bed with me until he was 18 months old.

Sixteen months later and much wiser, my daughter was born. From day one she slept in the bed with me and I went out and bought my first sling. She was an attached baby who was fortunate enough to be nursed on cue. She's now a fiercely independant 8.5 year old.

When Arianna was born, I was more knowledgable about extended nursing and had planned to breastfeed her until at least 12 months. Well, a new sling and months later, she finally weaned herself at 18 months. Another independant child of mine growing up... 5 years old now.

Sarah is now a 12 month old nurser and loves being "wrapped" or slung in the hotsling. She nurses frequently and I offer it to her many times during the day even for just a 2 minute drink. She wakes up at least once, sometimes more during the night and although she prefers her crib to sleep, she spends much of the day in my arms or at least in the arms of a willing sibling. I have no end goal when I will stop breastfeeding her. I am thankful that she is intolerant to milk and I know that my milk is the best for her.

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