Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dance with all your heart!

Arianna-The CUTEST elephant ever!

Andrea-Stunning as a butterfly

Joshua-A monkey... charming as ever

We have the three oldest kids in dance at KaRAR Studios. Arianna is in ballet, Andrea in hip hop and ballet and Joshua is in hip hop. Every June, the studio puts on a show that is a spin off a Disney movie. This year was The Lion King and it was [again] a phenomenal show of dancing, acting, and choreography put on by countless performers ranging in age from three years all the way up to adult. I also must credit the studio manager Natalie D. for her countless hours of prep work, teaching and training. Volunteer parents who helped backstage, organized kids, and even sewed costumes all helped pull an amazing show together.
I love seeing my children's creativity come through in this "art" form. I have noticed a huge change in Joshua's coordination and rhythm after two seasons of hip hop. Andrea is a true performer and her abilities shine on the stage. Arianna is in it for fun yet as she is only five years old. They love what they do and I love how they glorify God in their actions. They are dancing for Jesus with all their heart!

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