Friday, September 4, 2009

The Heart of My Children

So today, I decided to venture out to Costco with the four kids. Although it was quite windy, the sun was shining and I thought it would be a good day to get out for a mini field trip. As we headed toward the city, I noticed some very threatening clouds to the east but I kept going. As we got to the outskirts of the Edmonton, it started to rain. Not just a light drizzle but serious rain! Thankfully, I had an extra hoodie for Sarah in the van and Arianna had grabbed a coat on the way out but the older two and I did not. We parked and made a dash to the store. I think that taking all the kids shopping is actually easier than doing it with just the little girls during school hours. Joshua and Andrea are so helpful with unloading the cart and helping with the baby. I'm sure some disagree and I guarantee that other shoppers looked at me either with sympathy or perhaps admiration! The line up to the checkout was long. It snaked down past the food aisles, all the way to the frozen food. I really had no choice but to join the throngs of other customers. So me and my brood waited and walked towards the tills at a reasonably steady pace. As we were getting closer, we passed bunches of roses. The kids asked if they could buy me some. When I asked "with what money?", they replied with "well, yours of course." Of course. And really, at $19 for two dozen beautiful roses, who was I to say no? So, as I sit here typing, I am breathing in the unique scent that only roses have, and quite enjoying the gift that my children "bought" for me. So despite the tough homeschooling days and the challenges that I encounter with them, they are the sweetest, dearest most loving little people in my world!

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