Friday, September 18, 2009

Moving On

I am not one for change. In fact, if most of my life stayed the same, I would be perfectly content. About a year ago, we had a real estate agent come and talk to us about selling our house. The market wasn't great, Sarah was newborn and we didn't feel led to do anything. On Saturday, September 12, our agent come to the door asking if we want to show our house to a couple. Um... I'm wrapped in a towel because I just came out of the shower and she pops over to discuss a showing? She wanted to show the house in an hour. Panic mode set in. One hour to get dressed, get the kids to clean their rooms, vacuum, clean bathrooms, clean the kitchen and make the house look good. I mean it WAS Saturday... the house was lived in. We managed to get out of the house for a potential buyer's impromptu showing. That night our realtor calls us with an offer. Suddenly, this seems more real... we counter offered and they accepted. That's it. Five days after the walk through, our house (which wasn't actually FOR sale) is sold. Hmmm. I've never moved before. I've never packed to move before and frankly, I find the thought of it very daunting. I've always been happy where I am. This poses as a grand and hopefully fun adventure for my family. We shall see... updates to follow.

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  1. oh wow thats crazy!! Do you have a house picked out or is that the job to do now??



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