Monday, September 7, 2009

This Is The View....

... when we woke up this morning. For the past few weekends, Doug has taken each kid (not including Sarah) up to his parent's acreage and spent a night and most of the next morning for some one on one time. This weekend was Arianna's turn and instead of coming home the next day, she thought we all needed to camp out for another night. So I packed up with the other three kids. It was a short time of craziness as I thought of a supper, clothes for everyone, baby things, food for breakfast and whatever else crossed my mind. Once we were settled, we enjoyed barbecued burgers, potato chips, s'mores, and later, mugs of steamy hot chocolate. We parked the motorhome far enough away from the house that we are on our own and yet close enough to home that we could easily go home if needed. All in all, it was a good time away. The kids didn't settle right away as a windy and rainy storm blew in but it wasn't long before the familiar hum of the furnace running lulled us all to sleep. The view upon stepping out of the motorhome doesn't really feel like you are on your in-law's property (at least not until the old wrecker cars come into sight) and we do feel we are out on our own.

Camping with six people in a relatively small space is an adventure. Personal space becomes an issue and tidiness is a must! We've learned to live with each other in about 250 square feet of space in harmony even if it has been forced upon us. And despite the stepping on feet and side stepping in the narrow areas, as I closed the door and walked away, I look forward with anticipation to the next time we go camping.

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  1. The Fidelaks backyard is a great place to go for a mini vacation! Daniel had headed out camping in August i think it was and of course he didnt book a site and there were none available so he headed out to the back of Fidelaks and camped out there till the big storm hit!



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