Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gain a Little, Lose a Little....

So I was looking at pictures of our new house and was getting excited at some of the newer, bigger things we'll be gaining but then I also realized that I will be losing some very important and special things from this house.  I thought I'd list them so I'd have an idea of what I was actually gaining and losing.

We will gain:
- more living space
- a beautiful ensuite with a jacuzzi tub
- an additional bathroom
- larger kitchen
- attached garage
- mostly maintenance free home
- separate living spaces and a playroom (no more toys on my main floor)
- space for each kid to have their own room (in time)

We will lose:
- our very large yard
- my huge laundry room
- the hard earned appliances
- a room specifically for my crafting (until it's built)
- for the time being, neighbors that we know and love

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