Thursday, November 12, 2009

Four More Sleeps

Well, we're down to crunch time.  Today I washed cupboards and packed much of the food that we won't use in the next few days.  The pictures are off the walls and things are getting bare.  I glanced at our "measuring wall" and realized that the new owner likely doesn't need reminders of us like that.  So I transferred all the heights for each kid into a book and began to erase and wash away the growing years.  I did remember to capture the wall with my camera and although it doesn't do it much justice, I like having the reminder of how much the kids have grown over the years.


  1. (sniff, sniff) That wall brings tears to my eyes! How in the world did you find the will to wash that away?

  2. Lelia, it was tough. I'm glad I remembered to transfer all the measurements though. I will just find another place to do it in the new house.



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